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What Our Guests Say

  • M. Springer
    M. Springer
    Cleanest place we've stayed at in 10 years.
  • M. Miller
    M. Miller
    Your hospitality sure was appreciated after hauling our horses all day.
  • Sophie C
    Sophie C
    Thank you for all that you have done for us, during our stay here. We haven't seen such great service anywhere before.
  • M. Hanson
    M. Hanson
    You have a great, comfortable, and clean little place going there. We'll be back!"

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Eagle Peak Lodge

Situated in the beautiful Idaho region, Eagle Peak Lodge provides a clean and inviting location to escape from every day life and explore an invigorating natural environment. With numerous activities and opportunities to explore a majestic landscape, Eagle Peak has grown to a well reputed, popular destination for travelers and sightseers worldwide.

We were established in 1999 and have had thousands of visitors stay in our cozy accommodations while they enjoy the best Idaho has to offer. We’re pleased to offer a wide array of services to our guests from catered menu options to special accommodation. Our goal is to make every guest happy and we strive to meet and exceed the goal on a daily basis. We hope you choose us when you make your next trip here!

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